Minivan tech tips

Here's some of the modifications I've done to our 1994 Dodge Caravan. There will be some suspension modifications to improve handling, and some engine performance mods, primarily focused on increasing fuel economy, but also some that might help horsepower and acceleration.

Rear Stabilizer Bar

The biggest handling problem with our Minivan in stock form was really bad balance, lack of front grip and understeer in cornering. Excessive body roll didn't help. Stiffening the chasis in roll will help reduce body roll. Making it stiffer at the back will reduce understeer, so my first priority was to add a rear stabilizer bar. Here's how I did it.

I have plans for several other pages on here. I just haven't done a lot with the van yet.

Look for pages about some of these topics:

  • Intake plenum spacers
  • Cold air intake
  • Installing the overhead trip computer in a van that didn't have this option from the factory.
  • Wheel and tire upgrades and issues.
  • Rear disk brake conversion (???)
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